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A short introduction

I graduated from Information Science University Studies. Technologies which I use for every day work are: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Higher education

Lublin University of Technology

At present

Freelancer in Lublin


Full compliance of the project with design brief


I always meet the deadline


I always take care about the quality and cleanliness of source code

My services

Template coding

I code graphic projects (PSD, GIMP, Sketch) with the use of HTML5/CSS3 maintaining RWD standards

Template implementation

I also can implement the project to the WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Create Applications

I also implement projects based on libraries Angular 2 i VUE.js

Full service

Full service provided to client from beginning until getting the final product
(a webpage or application)


I cooperate with numerous agencies. If You want to use my services and acquaint Yourself with my projects then I invite You to contact me

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Thanks for reading my portfolio and message that I wanted to convey.

Let's create somthing awesome together.

I'm in the city of

- Lublin -

Za mała wysokość ekranu!