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A short introduction

I graduated from Information Science University Studies. Technologies which I use for every day work are: HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery).

Higher education

Lublin University of Technology

At present

Freelancer in Lublin


Full compliance of the project with design brief


I always meet the deadline


I always take care about the quality and cleanliness of source code

My services

Template coding

I code graphic projects (PSD, GIMP, Sketch) with the use of HTML5/CSS3 maintaining RWD standards

Template implementation

I also can implement the project to the WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Responsive web pages design

I can adjust Your webpage for mobile devices and tablets with different resolutions and systems

Full service

Full service provided to client from beginning until getting the final product
(a webpage or application)


I cooperate with numerous agencies. If You want to use my services and acquaint Yourself with my projects then I invite You to contact me

Bla-Art Bla-Art Bla-Art Kodografia


Thanks for reading my portfolio and message that I wanted to convey.

Let's create somthing awesome together.

I'm in the city of

- Lublin -

Za mała wysokość ekranu!